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We Proudly Introduce The Tremaine 2018-19 DOTY’s!




The Future Dance Center
Buffalo, NY
Gino & Denise Vaccaro

My name is Jai Robinson. I am 17 years old and attend the Future Dance Center. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, but started taking “breaking” at the age of 6, along with battling in Battle @ Buffalo at Verve Dance Studio. I then began taking hip hop at the Future Dance Center when I was 8 and began taking technique and going to conventions around 10 years old. One of my first conventions was Tremaine, and it introduced to many diverse styles of dance that I began to study in when I got home. A few years later I was awarded Tremaine’s Freestyler of the Year 2014-15 and continued to train in different styles at home and in my high school’s Advanced Dance program. I began doing larger local performances and events and also had the amazing opportunity to dance for Jody Watley and Janet Jackson. Over the years I have continued performing, training and studying many styles of dance. I am so thankful for my family and dance teachers, without them none of this would be possible. I would also like to thank Tremaine for believing in me over the years and being a huge part of my dance journey. As Tremaine’s Senior Male DOTY 2018-19, I plan to push myself and become the best version of myself that I can. I am very excited to see what this year has in store!



Bellaire, TX
Sheila Milner

Hi! I’m Jada Walker and I’m 17 years old from Dancezone in Houston, Texas. I have been dancing for 14 years and I’ve loved every bit. I am tremendously thankful of the support I receive from my studio and dance teacher Sheila Milner who has helped me gain the confidence and given me the training I needed to achieve this goal. But most of all my family, especially my mom and dad Regina and James Walker; who sacrifice endlessly for me everyday. I can’t find enough ways to thank you guys. I’m very thankful for Mr. Joe Tremaine and the Tremaine faculty for accepting me last year as a Tremaine Performance Company member. The training process has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better year! Another passion of mine is music and fashion. I enjoy listening to all genres of music as well as developing different styles of fashion and both of those hobbies represent the versatility of who I am. I am forever grateful and honored for this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait for the season as the 2018-19 Senior Female Dancer of the Year!



Bellaire, TX
Sheila Milner

My name is Lior Melnikov and I am 14 years old. I began my dance journey at the age of 4 years old and train in all genres of dance with Dancezone in Houston. My first ever dance convention I attended was with Tremaine in New York. I am a former Tremaine Junior Male Dancer of the Year and I strongly believe having that amazing experience has helped me become the dancer and person I am today. Dance is a huge part of my life, but when I am not dancing I like to hang out with friends, play sports and video games. I also have been able to work some in the dance industry. I love to perform and make people feel good and smile. I really hope that my hard work, passion and dedication will help me not only reach my goals but inspire the people around me. Thank you to my parents and family for guiding me on my journey. I want to extend thanks to Sheila Milner, my dance director who has watched me grow all these years. I also thank Mr. Joe Tremaine and faculty for this honor as the 2018-19 Tremaine Teen Male Dancer of the Year. I am thrilled and super excited for the upcoming tour. NO LIMITS…. Here we go!!!



Body Lab
Spicewood, TX
Heather O’Hara

My name is Grace Marcum and I am so over the moon excited to have been chosen as 2018-19 Teen Female Dancer of the Year! I still can’t even believe this has happened. I started dance classes when I was two and a half years old. My mom said I had so much energy and she needed me to find an outlet for it all! I started with ballet and tap. However, I actually refused to dance on stage in my first recital when I was 3 and dressed as a cute little pink pig in tap shoes. I just stood there shaking my head no! Fast forward 13 years and I live for being on stage! Nothing fills my heart more than being on stage and dancing and performing! I played soccer one summer and then when I was 7 years old my mom asked me if I wanted to stay with soccer or do anything else and I told my Mom that dance was my passion! I didn’t want to do anything else! I have trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, hip hop, tumbling, acro and have even taken ballroom classes. Most recently I started training in aerial on trapeze, cube, lyra and silks. I attended my very first Tremaine Convention when I was 7 years old and have loved it ever since! Throughout my training I have been blessed by so many amazing instructors who teach and mentor me. I train at Body Lab under the direction of Heather O’Hara with mentoring and coaching by Cheryl Copeland. I am so blessed to have them in my life right now! The support and encouragement they provide me help me know I can make any dream come true. When I’m not dancing, I love being outside – doing anything outside. I also love shopping and spending time with my family and friends. I have a cat named Luna who shares my crazy personality, she’s like ME in a cat. I am so thankful to Joe Tremaine and all of the faculty at Tremaine to allow me this year to share my heart as Dancer of the Year with all those who attend Tremaine Conventions. I can’t wait to spend the year learning and growing alongside all of the Tremaine family! I hope that I am able to inspire and encourage other dancers just as I have felt for so many years by those dancers I admire!



Stage Door Studios
Sarasota, FL
Jill Athridge

My name is Eli Eschenbach and I have been dancing for about six years. When I was five, I went to my sister’s ballet recital and I was so inspired. That was the moment when I knew I wanted to dance, and I’ve been loving it ever since. Currently, my favorite styles are jazz, lyrical and contemporary. I’m almost always dancing – but when I’m not, I’m usually hanging out with my family. I’m so honored to be chosen as Tremaine’s 2018-19 Junior Male Dancer of the Year. I cannot wait to spend more time learning and growing as a dancer with Tremaine this year!



Dance FX
Sunrise, FL
Joan Bartoletti & Julie Bartoletti Brown

My name is Addison Lynch. Being chosen as Tremaine’s Junior Dancer of the Year for 2018-19 is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have an older sister who dances at Dance FX, and even though I didn’t start dancing until I was two and a half, I was going to the studio when I was in my mom’s stomach. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. Dancing has always been my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy it because it is doing something I love with my friends. Performing on stage is one of the best feelings ever. My favorite styles of dance are jazz and hip hop, but I train the most in ballet. In addition to those styles, I am also trained in lyrical, contemporary, acrobatics and tap. There is nothing I love to do more than dance, especially if it means attending Tremaine. In addition to my teachers at Dance FX, I have learned so much from attending Tremaine. The faculty and performance team members have helped me become the dancer I am. I have made so many friends from different places. When I am at Tremaine, I feel like I’m coming home, no matter what city I’m in. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity, and I cannot wait for the upcoming season. I know being Junior DOTY will be an experience I will never ever forget.