July 31 – August 2, 2020*
***DATE CHANGE – The Summer Virtual Competition will be streamed on JULY 27th starting at 11:30am PST.
(Open to all for viewing free of charge)

Open to all registered participants that wish to compete this summer!

  • Unlimited Entries Per Studio
  • No pre-qualification necessary
  • *SUMMER VIRTUAL COMPETITION may be held on additional days pending competition registration.
  • Competition Entries will be scored, critiqued, and placed
  • Virtual Summer Competition will be streamed so your friends and family can watch and cheer you on!


COMPETITION FEES:     $35 / $50  per entry
$35.00    SOLO / DUO / TRIO / GROUP


  • Entry Fees are flat rates regardless of the number of dancers in each routine.
  • 75% of the dancers competing in each routine must be registered for the workshop classes. (Due to the circumstances of digital submission.  We recognize that your pre-recorded entry may have dancers in it that can no longer participate due to the pandemic)



Please follow the TERMS and INSTRUCTIONS carefully. Failure to comply may result in registration and/or competition submission being rejected, loss of points or disqualification.

    • Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for anyone competing in the Virtual Summer Competition.  Workshop Registration and Competition Submission Fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL by 6:00 pm PST Wednesday, July 1, 2020, in order to participate
    • All dancers competing in the Virtual Summer Competition must be registered online for the Workshop and Competition.
    • SUMMER VIRTUAL COMPETITION may be held on additional days pending competition registration.
    • Must submit Digital Competition Routines by 6:00 pm PST, Wednesday, July 8, 2020.  You will receive instructions and a link to upload entries once your registration has been confirmed & paid.
    • Submissions videos from any performance or event during the 2019-20 Tour Season (October 2019 – July 2020) are all accepted.  This includes videos from Recital, Studio Rehearsal, At Home Performance, Another Competition, Local Performance, etc.  
    • Before the event, a competition line up for the Virtual Summer Competition will be emailed to the Teacher or Registrant for all registered entries

    Due to the nature of this Virtual Event, last-minute changes or additions WILL NOT be accepted or allowed after 6:00 pm PST, Wednesday, July 8, 2020.  No Exceptions. 

  • All entries are Final, NO REFUNDS will be authorized.


  • Registration is not complete or guaranteed until a confirmation email has been received.
  • SUMMER VIRTUAL COMPETITION may be held on additional days pending competition registration.
  • All Registration & Competition Entries & Fees for all dancers and teachers must be submitted at the same time.   
  • Dancers may compete in more than one number in their Category, Style & Age Division (except for solos). However, they may compete for one studio only, regardless of how many studios their teacher owns.
  • One solo per dancer per competition.  
  • Dancers studying regularly at different studios, owned by different teachers, may compete for each studio if each teacher is registered.
  • Dancers may compete in both competitions, however, any routine that qualified for the National Finals Competition may not compete in the Virtual Summer Competition 
  • All routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Inappropriate routines will be disqualified.
  • No Teachers or Professional Dancers are allowed to compete.  



Virtual Summer Competition Ages are determined by the age on DAY ONE of the Virtual Event – July 27, 2020.

JUNIOR DIVISION – 6 to 10.99

TEEN DIVISION – 11 to 13.99


*Average age determined by actual ages as of competition date for Summer Virtual Competition.

*Minimum Competition Age = 6 Years

—–50% RULE:

50% of the dancers in each division (Junior, Teen and Senior) must be that age in order to compete in that division.

*If 51% or more of the contestants within the group are at a higher age than the division you are applying for, the routine must compete in the higher age division.


Birth certificates or proof of age for each dancer competing may be asked for upon request. DO NOT send Birth Certificates or Copies of Birth Certificates in with your entries.



  • SOLOS2:45 MAX. (2 Minutes, 45 seconds) 
  • DUO/TRIO (2-3 dancers) – 2:45 MAX. (2 Minutes, 45 seconds)
  • GROUP (4-8 dancers) – 3:00 MAX. (3 Minutes)
  • LINE (9-14 dancers) – 4:00 MAX. (4 Minutes)
  • PRODUCTION (15 dancers & up) – 6:00 MAX. (6 Minutes)
  • No Minimum Length.
  • 1-point deduction for each second over the limit.


  • Ballet – All ballet entries (Classical, Pointe, Character, Modern, etc.) judged together in the Ballet category only.
  • Jazz – All jazz (up-tempo, 50’s, 60’s, etc.) will be judged together in the Jazz category only.
  • Hip Hop – All Hip Hop and Street type moves will be judged in the Hip Hop category only. Must be 75% Hip Hop steps. (Judges discretion, Judges decision is final.)
  • Lyrical Jazz – A routine using lyrical technique.
  • Contemporary – Jazz styles mixed with a ballet and modern emphasis.
  • Musical Theatre – Theatre Broadway style dance.
  • Tap – All tap entries will be judged together in the Tap category only.
  • Open – Consists of one of these five categories
    • Acro / Gymnastic *- four or more gymnastic tricks
    • Novelty
    • Mixed Styles – any combination of opposite styles of dance. (ex: Ballet & Hip Hop, Jazz & Tap, etc.)
    • Clogging
    • Ethnic

* Acrobatic moves not generally taught in dance class. 

  • Hand-springs, walkovers, tucks, cheerleading tosses, etc. (cartwheels are not tricks)
  • Gymnastic Tricks occurring simultaneously constitute 1 pass/1 trick.
  • If four or more tricks (gymnastics/acrobatic passes) are used in a routine, it should compete in or will be moved to the Open Category.



25 points_______Technique

20 points_______Choreography

15 points_______Use of Music

10 points_______Costuming

30 points_______Overall Performance

100 Total Points possible from each Judge


1st Place_______90-100 points

2nd Place_______81-89 points

3rd Place_______75-80 points

4th Place_______70-74 points

  • When only one number is competing in a category, the number will compete against the scoring system.
  • When only two numbers are competing in a category, 1st & 2nd Place will be awarded.
  • When only three numbers are competing in a category, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place will be awarded.
  • When four or more numbers are competing in a category, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Place will be awarded.
  • The judges may choose to move a number into a different category (example, from Open to Jazz, etc.) based on dance style, TDC rules, etc. There are no penalties or deductions when this occurs.
  • All ties will be broken by the technical score.
  • If there should be a tie on technical scores, the tie will be broken by the overall performance score.
  • If there should be a tie on overall performance scores, the tie will be broken by the judges’ decision.

*The decision of the judges is final*


Judges’ Scores and Critiques will be available online.  

  • Virtual Summer Competition Routines will receive Scores and Critiques from the judges.


  • After the last day of the Virtual Event, please log into your online account.
  • Once logged in, access ‘Registered Events and Results’ under ‘Account Information’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Locate ‘Tremaine Virtual Dance Experience Summer 2020’ to access scores & critiques.

*By entering the competition, you agree that you WILL NOT post any audio/video critiques on any Social Media site, File Sharing site, Video Site, Personal Website, etc.

*Due to occasional digital glitches beyond our control, some critiques may not be available.